There are few health issues directly related to stretching piercings. Most stretching methods do not create a wound, and properly stretched piercings will heal after stretching, although if an individual's skin elasticity and vascularity allow, most pial size. 0g is normally seen as the "point of no return" as over this size

there is a significant risk that the hole will never shrink back to the size of the original piercing. However, each person's tissue will differ and many variables affect whether or not a stretched piercing will return to its original size, such as the length of time taken to stretch and the amount of time the piercing is fully healed at a particular size.

After stretching a body jewelry, a slight pain may occur, but any bleeding or tearing or pus leaking is unnatural and indicates that the piercing is either not ready to stretch or that the stretching has been done incorrectly. The tissue may swell a bit, although it shouldn't happen when the stretch is done properly on healthy tissue.