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About Piercings (Body Jewelry)

Do you have a minimum order?

Yes, our company wholesale only, so our MOQ of each item at least order 200pcs/design/color/size, as the earrings the MOQ at least order 100pairs, if not, we would refuse the order, please take note, thanks.
Meanwhile, We have a low minimum order for new clients can place a small sample order to test our quality and services before purchasing a large order.

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What happens if my order is not in stock?

Normally, it takes about 2-4 weeks to manufacture an order that is not in stock. If your order is in stock, we can arrange shipment immediately after receipt of payment. Please allow 5 days for shipment to reach you from the date we send it.

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How do I check the status of my order?

First, check your mail box,. Chances are we have already emailed you regarding your order status. If you selected a pre-order or out-of-stock item, we emailed you with an expected ship date. If your order was shipped, we emailed you the day it shipped with detailed shipping information.

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How do I know if you have received my order?

When you place an order you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing your order number and confirming your ordered items. If you have any queries about your order please quote your order number when e-mailing or phoning us. We will send you another e-mail containing your tracking reference, once your order has been dispatched.

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Do you have any sales tax charge?

No, we do not have any sales tax charge.

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What type of currency and payment do you accept?

We accept most of major currencies; You can pay directly into our bank account via T/T, and you can choose WesternUnion, But we cannot be held responsible for payment lost in transit to us. For our payment detail, please refer to the information of payment in Invoice that we'll show you before payment.

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How long will it take to receive my order?

This depends entirely on your location, the shipping method chosen and the date the order was made. See the Shipping Information page for a breakdown of shipping methods and how long each will take to deliver the product to you. Please be aware that the stated delivery times, although often accurate, do vary depending on delays within the postal system. Any delays that occur during transit are entirely due to the postal service in charge of delivering the parcel.

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Can I track my package?

Yes, you can track your package depending on the delivery method chosen.The tracking number will be sent in a confirmation email as soon as your orderis shipped. If you have chosen a delivery method that does not feature tracking, this will not be available.
If, for some reason, you did not receive a confirmation email when your order is dispatched but would still like to track your parcel, simply email us with your order number and a member of staff will supply you with the tracking number.

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Whay type of shiping methods can we choose?

We have many shipping options available for both CHINA and International Destinations, for abroad, we usually use UPS/DHL/FEDEX/TNT or EMS, which are the most convenience and affordable carrier in the world, which help us deliver goods quickly with more preferential price to lower transport cost for our costumers.
For the cost of each shiping methods, please go to shiping page of our website.

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What should I do if I have received damaged or a faulty products?

if your order has been damaged when you receive it, try to take a photograph of the package and express your refusal to accept it. In this case, please contact our customer service as promptly as possible.
In the highly unlikely event that an item sent to you is found to be faulty, you may send it back to us for a replacement. We will refund the cost of sending the item back to us.

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What are the healing times for Body jewelry Piercing?

Each area of the body has its own unique healing period and process.Oral and facial piercings tend to heal fastest and every individual heals and reacts to piercings differently.

A general guideline

for approximate healing times is as follows:


  • Earlobe: 1-2 months
  • Cartilage: 6 months-2 years
  • Lip: 1-2 months
  • Labret: 1-2 months
  • Cheek: 2-3 months
  • Nostril: 3 months-1 year
  • Eyebrow: 2-3 months
  • Tongue: 1-2 months
  • Septum: 1-2 months
  • Navel: 6 months-over 1 year
  • Nipple: 3-6 months
  • Genital: 2-8 months

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How long before I can change the initial piercing jewelry?

It is not recommended to change initial piercing jewelry until your piercing is fully healed, unless the new piece of jewelry is sterile. Many piercings will require a change of jewelry during the healing period as the swelling of your piercing is reduced; however, this should be done by your piercer with sterilized jewelry.
If you want to change the jewelry yourself, wait until the new piercing has healed and developed a tough barrier of healthy skin between the piercin gand the jewelry. Reopening the wound will delay the healing process and can cause infection. Wait until the piercing is no longer tender (you can play with your piercing without experiencing any discomfort). Use as much care and be as clean as possible when changing your jewelry for the first time.

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How is body jewelry measured?

Body jewelry is measured by thickness and length. Length refers to the internal diameter for rings and the length for barbells. This can be expressed either in inches or millimeters.
- Curved Barbells: measured by the length of the shaft between the two ball
- Straight Barbells: measured by the length of the shaft between the two balls
- Labrets: measurement made on the shaft between the disc and ball
- Circular Barbells: measurement made at the largest diameter

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What is external threading? What is internal threading?

Externally threaded barbells have threads on the OUTSIDE of the barbell. So the ball has the threading on the inside. Most small gauge and most medium gauge jewelry is externally threaded. Internally threaded barbells have the threads on the INSIDE of the barbell. So the ball has a threaded stud that goes inside the barbell. When you start moving into the bigger gauge barbells, internal threading provides greater comfort and cleanliness.